Third WIB Competition for Research Teams

24 jul 2023

The call for proposals to select Research Teams conducting scientific activities in the form of a Virtual Research Institute in the field of medical biotechnology is underway.

The Virtual Research Institute is a program for financing research with high commercialization potential in one of the key areas for society, namely medical biotechnology. The program is addressed to the most outstanding and talented Polish scientists conducting activities at the highest world level - representatives of universities and scientific and research institutes.

The goal of the Research Teams selected in the competitions is to develop a new technology or group of technologies, in accordance with the appropriate procedures and standards necessary for their commercialization and implementation, within a maximum of five years from the start of work.

Example research topics within the area of medical biotechnology include the development of new therapies based on:

  • Therapeutic use of RNA biology.
  • Targeted protein degradation technologies.
  • New generations of cellular therapies.
  • Targeted genome modification, including gene therapies.
  • New generations of biopharmaceutical/biological drugs, or other therapeutically and socially relevant topics in the area of medical biotechnology.

The amount of PLN 380,839,550.00 of the total amount of PLN 450,000,000.00 allocated by the Ministry of Education and Science for funding from the Fund for Polish Science Research Tasks under the WIB Program remains to support the Research Teams.

The call for applications for funding under the third Competition will be conducted from October 2 to 13 this year. All details of the competition and complete documentation can be found on the Program's website under the "Competitions" tab.

If you are interested in the program, please kindly forward your information about joining the program to an employee of the Research Section - Center for Science and International Cooperation of the Silesian Medical University in Katowice at:, or by phone (tel. 32 208 36 05).

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