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15 may 2024

Modern healthcare is facing increasing challenges that require modern solutions and well-qualified staff. In response to these needs, the Faculty of Public Health in Bytom at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice offers an innovative first degree course - medical coordinator. This is an extremely future-oriented and important educational programme that prepares students for key roles in the health care system.

The role of the medical coordinator

The medical coordinator plays a fundamental role in the planning and implementation of a patient's diagnostic and treatment pathway. With his or her skills and knowledge, the medical coordinator is able to manage the treatment process effectively, ensuring that each stage - from diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation - is precisely planned and coordinated. Such a role requires not only an understanding of the medical aspects of care, but also the ability to manage a team, communicate with patients and know health legislation.

Versatile career opportunities

Studying as a medical coordinator opens up a wide range of career prospects for graduates. Graduates of this course are prepared to work not only in medical institutions, but also in various administrative departments of health care and in institutions dealing with disease prevention.

They can find employment in, among others:

  •     Hospitals and clinics, where they will be responsible for coordinating the treatment process of patients.
  •     Public administration units, dealing with the organisation and supervision of health care.
  •     Preventive health institutions, where they will plan and implement disease prevention programmes.
  •     Insurance companies, where they will manage processes related to patient care and health services.

Why choose this course?

Choosing to study as a medical coordinator at the Faculty of Public Health in Bytom is an investment in the future. The dynamically developing health care sector needs specialists who can effectively manage diagnostic and treatment processes, as well as introduce modern organisational solutions. Graduates of this degree programme are perfectly prepared to meet these challenges, which makes them valued employees on the labour market.

In addition, the study programme includes a wide range of subjects that not only provide the necessary theoretical knowledge, but also enable the acquisition of practical skills. Students have the opportunity to participate in work placements, which allow them to gain valuable experience and better prepare them for future work.

Continuing education

The Faculty of Public Health in Bytom also offers a further education pathway in a second degree programme, for example in public health. This allows graduates to deepen their knowledge and develop their skills in more advanced areas. In addition, the faculty offers thematic postgraduate studies that allow you to specialise in specific areas and adapt your education to the rapidly changing needs of the labour market.


Medical coordinator is a profession of the future that plays a key role in the provision of quality healthcare. The Faculty of Public Health in Bytom is responding to the growing demand for qualified specialists in medical coordination by offering this innovative course of study. Graduates of this major have a wide range of career opportunities ahead of them, and their work has a real impact on improving the quality of life of patients and the efficiency of the healthcare system. A further education pathway in second-level and postgraduate studies allows for continuous development and specialisation, making this major an extremely attractive choice for those interested in a dynamic career in healthcare.

Information on recruitment can be found at: kandydat.sum.edu.pl

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